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Big Opportunity 4 - Making it easier for teachers beyond schooling to refocus on learning

I’d love to have the time and space to co-design a term’s programme with my Year 13s. We could set up some design thinking sessions at the end of Term 1 to plan our whole Term 2’s work. I mean, if we took a “History under your Feet” approach, we could look at our whole wider community, what Te Tiriti o Waitangi means to our local iwi, meant to the settlers of our area, and means to our wider rohe now, making deep and meaningful learning for our students. Like, the students could even look for alignment with other achievement standards. Their history presentation could be reworked and handed in as part of their English writing portfolio. I love working collaboratively. If we could get in other teachers from different learning areas, and bring them all together as part of our planning session, we could end up with a really deep and meaningful piece of work. I wonder what we’d need to change to make all this happen.

What if we rebalance NCEA to focus on rich learning opportunities? What if we built stronger connections across the curriculum?

What if we found new ways to support teachers to concentrate on quality teaching?

What other ideas have you got for Big Opportunity 4?

What other ideas could improve NCEA?