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A crucial part of the education conversation has been capturing the voices of young people. Thank you to the 1,935 young people aged 5 - 18 who have given us their views and are helping to shape the future of education in New Zealand. 

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Below is a comprehensive report of the collected feedback from young people, along with a summarised version.

Voices of Young People Report [PDF, 749KB]

Voices of Young People Summary [PDF, 300KB]

Voices of Young People Summary in Cook Island Māori [PDF, 269KB]

Voices of Young People Summary in Samoan [PDF,, 260KB]

Voices of Young People Summary  in Tongan [PDF, 285KB]

Voices of Young People Summary in Niuean [PDF 266KB]

Voices of Young People Summary in Tokelauan [PDF, 273KB]



The main points that young people made include:

  • The need for greater cultural representation and diversity in education, and a better understanding of Māori and multiculturalism in New Zealand in order to build a more accepting and knowledgeable society
  • The desire for an education system that meets the needs of different learners. Those with learning needs outside the mainstream ought to receive the support and resourcing they need
  • Recognising that teachers are integral to providing an individualised and student-focused education
  • Making wellbeing, including mental and physical health, a priority. More support and awareness of wellbeing from their teachers, family, whānau and community.
  • Having access to high-quality education for all students, regardless of socio-economic status.
  • Reducing the disparity between schools through increased funding, improved quality of education and increased support for students from families and whānau who are struggling financially.