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Achievement Standards for Māori Performing Arts


Draft Achievement Standards and associated support materials for NCEA Levels 1-3 of Māori Performing Arts have been developed and we invite feedback on these via online questionnaires: 

Māori Performing Arts Level 1 – Questionnaire 

Māori Performing Arts Level 2 – Questionnaire 

Māori Performing Arts Level 3 – Questionnaire


The draft resources for feedback consist of:

  • Rationale
  • Learning Matrix
  • Assessment Matrix 
  • Four Achievement Standards – 2 internal and 2 external and the Associated Conditions of Assessment for Levels 1-3.
  • Three Assessment Activities and supporting documents for each internal Achievement Standard.


Before reviewing this assessment packages we encourage you to review the Rationale, Learning Matrix and Assessment Matrix. 


Please note that the Ministry and NZQA are working to develop external assessment specifications and conditions of assessment for non-examination externals and these will be shared with the sector at a later date.

Your feedback will be used by the Ministry and the MPA Subject Expert Group to further refine the subject materials. Together with NZQA, we intend to invite the schools and kura that are currently delivering Levels 1-3 of Māori Performing Arts to take part in a pilot throughout the 2021 school year. 

The feedback process closes at 4.00pm on 01 November 2020.


List of Māori Performing Arts - Level 1 PDF products

Achievement Standard 1.1

Achievement Standard 1.2

Achievement Standard 1.3

Achievement Standard 1.4

Assessment Activity 1.1a - Spot the feature

Assessment Activity 1.1b - Feature demonstration

Assessment Activity 1.1c - Features in performance

Assessment Activity 1.2a - In-class performance

Assessment Activity 1.2b - Competition time

Assessment Activity 1.2c - Showcase

List of Māori Performing Arts - Level 2 PDF products

Achievement Standard 2.1

Achievement Standard 2.2

Achievement Standard 2.3

Achievement Standard 2.4

Assessment Activity 2.1a - Communicating Kaupapa Māori

Assessment Activity 2.1b - Changing Contexts

Assessment Activity 2.1c - Communicate a Kaupapa in Competition

Assessment Activity 2.2a - MPA Two Ways

Assessment Activity 2.2b - Show and Tell

Assessment Activity 2.2c - Mix It Up 

List of Māori Performing Arts - Level 3 PDF products 

Achievement Standard 3.1

Achievement Standard 3.2

Achievement Standard 3.3

Achievement Standard 3.4

Assessment Activity 3.1a - Understanding your audience

Assessment Activity 3.1b - Reaching out

Assessment Activity 3.1c - Express yourself

Assessment Activity 3.2a - Compete! 

Assessment Activity 3.2b - Individual bracket

Assessment Activity 3.2c - Commemoration




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