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Update on Trial & Pilots - Phase 2

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T&P sector feedback response from Subject Expert Groups on Phase 2 products


The Ministry of Education has collated all feedback on the draft Trial & Pilots Achievement Standards and associated support materials for NCEA Level 1 EnglishVisual Arts and Religious Studies.

Public feedback was sought on the following draft materials:

  • Four Achievement Standards – two internal and two external
  • Three assessment activities for each internal achievement standard
  • Assessment Schedules
  • Conditions of Assessment
  • Teacher guidance documents


The feedback has been shared with the Trial & Pilots SEGs and has helped us to identify areas that need clarification before we pilot these products in 2021, with a small number of schools, and in 2022 with a larger number of schools.

We are working with NZQA to develop specifications for external assessments. NZQA will publish these in time for mini-pilot schools to prepare their teaching and learning programmes for next year.

Each SEG has prepared a report in response to the feedback. The reports can be found here:


This page was last updated on 19 October 2020