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Are these areas important to you?

  • Feedback was almost entirely focused on bilingual education and a strong support for bilingual provision. A number of comments also supportive of addressing racism.
  • Some felt like Samoan language exams set by NZQA should be better and raised issue of Pacific teachers qualifications not being recognised 

Is there something missing? What would you change about these areas?

  • Specific focus on literacy and numeracy
  • Focus on ECE for bilingual
  • Extend already successful programmes (e.g. Reading together is too short)
  • Definition of success needs to be more specific 

What questions do you have?

  • Reading Together has been fully embraced and extremely valued in the community. This needs to be built upon. Can the next PEP focus on the home/family?
  • What is happening in schools to address racism?
  • What tools will be used to encourage Pacific students to go down the path of teaching? Parents feel like there is not enough information or if there is, it is not reaching parents

Christchurch Tongan and Samoan language group fono summary [PDF]