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Are these important to you?

  • Yes areas are considered important by Tongan language group
  • Specific mentions of needing more Tongan teacher qualified to teach the Tongan language
  • Desire to see more home-based schooling opportunities for Tongan families to teach Tongan culture and language
  • Need more education opportunities and relationships with parents so they feel like they are part of the education system 

Is there something missing? What would you change?

  • Need Ministry of Education to provide facilitators to help Tongan parents, as a navigator type role
  • There is no connection between primary and secondary schools so need better transitions
  • Need a way to better understand what the standards are in education and it is easier to understand how to pass and what is involved
  • More funding for the Tongan language to be taught every day of the week. It is only taught once a week, for example, at Riccarton High School
  • Meaningful connection between school and work
  • NCEA standards that are relevant to Pacific students and can help them support their families
  • Closer relationships between Health support services and vulnerable learners and families
  • Support and guidance for Tongan language to be home language for students

Christchurch Tongan and Samoan language group fono summary [PDF]