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Values | Ngā uara

Summit participants explored values through the Values Explorer digital tool. They each selected up to 10 values reflecting those they would like woven into the future of learning in New Zealand. The values tool was used as a ‘conversation starter’, creating a common experience and language for participants to talk about what really matters to them in education.

The tool comprised 49 possible values for learning and education. The intent was to create an experience that would enable participants to start a conversation about values in the room and continue it in their own communities after the Summit.

Across both events, more than 850 people, using the Values Explorer, ranked the top 10 values that mattered most in a future education system. Hauora / Wellbeing was the top value selected. The top 10 values identified overwhelmingly at the two Summit events were:

  • Hauora / Wellbeing
  • Creativity
  • Whānaungatanga / Family Community
  • Respect
  • Belonging
  • Curiosity
  • Diversity
  • Manaakitanga
  • Awhi / Caring for others
  • Equity

Values of the EdConvo

The lively conversations that emerged from the follow-up values discussion contributed to a deeper mutual understanding and allowed the different groups to progressively formulate their ideas for the future.

Participants were also given an opportunity to engage with the team that developed the Values Explorer tool to understand, and challenge, the thinking that had gone into it. More than 100 people took that opportunity.


Future possibilities | Ngā āhuatanga tērā tonu ka taea

Through two rounds of dialogue, participants began to develop possibilities for the future of learning in New Zealand. They painted a picture of a caring, inclusive and equitable society where learning pathways would be more personalised and diverse to give each New Zealander an opportunity to succeed.

They thought education could place more emphasis on soft skills like empathy, resilience, problem solving, cooperation, communication, and creativity and should measure success in different ways.