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We are seeking feedback on potential changes to the priority categories for out-of-zone school enrolments to improve their equity. Most current categories rely on a sibling or parent link to the school. So, it is harder to get into a school if you are out-of-zone and don’t have a close family connection to the school.

We want to find out if there is support to change the priority categories, or if you would prefer them to stay the same. We have two ideas to change the categories that we are seeking feedback on.

The first idea is to make it easier for the children of board employees (school staff) and board members to enrol in the school by increasing their priority. This option would also remove children of former students as a priority category and lower the priority of siblings of former students.

The second idea is to remove the categories for siblings and children of former students. These categories can be thought of as ‘family legacy’ categories. If we do this, learners/ākonga who currently fit under these categories will have to apply under the last category for ‘all other students’.

In this consultation, we are considering possible future changes to the out-of-zone enrolment priority categories.

If there are any changes to the out-of-zone enrolment priority categories resulting from this consultation, these would not be introduced until 2022 at the earliest. This means that the current out-of-zone enrolment priority categories will continue to apply for students and schools for the time being.

Click the link below to download the full discussion document.

Proposed changes to the priority categories for school enrolment schemes

This consultation has closed.