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"Name the white spaces/for 'Palagi teachers' to own up to racism."

"There would be concern if MoE is doing the mapping out of what is needed… we have been doing it for years. Build on that rather than start from scratch. We want to see real co-creation of solutions." 

Are these important to you?

  • A number of comments that suggest a focus on racism and discrimination is very important. Names need to be pronounced correctly and there needs to be more work improving cultural competence at secondary level. Young people particularly commented that this was important.
  • Young people also want targeted support to help them learn more about their own culture
  • There is support for stronger partnerships with schools but one suggestion for the Ministry to resource this.
  • Bilingual early childhood is seen as a good start but what this means for colleges is unclear. Having your language is important for giving confidence in your identity. There is frustration that Tokelau language is not taught and there needs to be more support for it as a realm language
  • There is a support for a stronger Tokelau focus, rather than Pacific focus. Attendees appreciated the chance to engage and discuss as the Tokelauan community 

Is there something missing? What would you change about the areas?

  • Disabilities and learning support needs need greater support
  • More emphasis on holistic approach and wellbeing
  • Access to technology
  • A number of people want to see NCEA in gagana Tokelau and more Tokelau resources and curriculum content
  • Diverse ways of teaching – currently western concepts where someone stands up the front and talks. For Tokelau kids, they learn from mentoring, storytelling, dancing, creative arts.
  • Introduce a forum/community where parents are able to support each other and network for brighter future.
  • Involving community organisations with expertise to support local solutions
  • More Tokelauan parents on the Boards of Trustees is important. Glenview primary schools is a good example where over half the Board is Tokelauan 

Questions and other comments

  • Why is there only one Pacific language being taught?
  • IELTS – why is there discrimination with the Tokelau language teachers needing to sit this?
  • How do we get more teachers?
  • Do the recent announcements about New Zealand history include Pacific history?
  • “There would be concern if MoE is doing the mapping out of what is needed… we have been doing it for years. Build on that rather than start from scratch. We want to see real co-creation of solutions.” 

Community innovations

  • Porirua has an issue with NEETS but the community spent six months constructing a canoe at a community hall. This drew young Tokelau boys in and one of the boys decided to go on and study carpentry – “The project wasn’t measured or monitored. It was a cultural transfer of knowledge.” Now looking at setting up a Tokelau carving school in Porirua.
  • The community has driven a solution to there being a lack of opportunity to study Tokelauan language at school. They worked with two colleges to design guidelines for learning the language. This is overseen by a teacher outside of the school but it is the first time they have got credits for Tokelauan.

Most common indicators of success (in order)

  • Pacific learners and their families feel accepted and included
  • There are no financial barriers to accessing education for Pacific learners and families
  • Pacific learners feel confident supporting their children in education
  • Pacific learners and families are free from racism and discrimination in education
  • Pacific learners’ faith and beliefs and cultures are valued in education

Porirua Tokelau Fono Summary [PDF]