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As a steward of student and whānau personal information, the Ministry of Education is committed to ensuring the protection and appropriate use of all personal information that it collects, holds, uses and shares. All personal information is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. 

When making a submission using the online submission process your submission will be anonymous. However, please be aware that your submission may contain personal information that could identify you or another person. If this is the case, the Ministry will manage the information in your submission in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. 

As part of this consultation process, you are able to provide your submission through the email address listed on this page. Please be aware that if you choose to provide written, video or audio submissions through the email address, the Ministry cannot guarantee the security of your emailed submission or any attachments to your email while it is in transit. Your email and any attachments will be secure once they have been received by the Ministry. If you have any concerns regarding the privacy and security of your submission the Ministry recommends that you use the online submission mechanism. 

In limited cases, we may be able to offer an alternative mechanism for verbal submissions. Please email e.red@education.govt.nz to request this.