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25 June 2020

New feedback process: NCEA Level 1 Science options

The Ministry of Education is seeking further feedback on NCEA Level 1 Science following feedback on the products we tested through Trial & Pilots early in 2020. 

We have listened to the feedback. Two alternative options for NCEA Level 1 Science (alongside Agricultural and Horticultural Science) have been developed, based on the education sector’s initial feedback.

Subject Associations, teachers, students and the wider community are encouraged to provide feedback on these two options and the original proposal to have a single Science subject at Level 1 by 10 August 2020:

  • Option A: One General Science subject with four standards (as included in the Provisional Subject List for NCEA Level 1)
  • Option B: One General Science subject plus two specialised Science subjects (12 standards in total)
  • Option C: One General Science subject plus four specialised Science subjects (20 standards in total)

Feedback on these three options will inform future decisions around NCEA Level 1 Science.

The Ministry has also put on hold further development work on draft teaching, learning and assessment resources and achievement standards for Level 1 Science until final decisions are made on Level 1 Science. This will enable the Ministry to receive feedback on the options for Level 1 Science, and provide the Subject Expert Group with clear guidance on which other subjects will be available within the Science Learning Area at NCEA Level 1 before resuming development work.

Public engagement on the Provisional Subject List for NCEA Level 1 is still ongoing (the original 20 April 2020 deadline has been extended to 20 July 2020 in response to the disruption of COVID-19).


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