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We want to express our gratitude to the young people, parents, teachers, and caregivers from specific groups who shared their ideas and comments at our meetings across the country in late 2018.

We’ve completed a detailed analysis of all of the ideas and comments shared during those meetings. You can read a report of those findings here:

[Treat kids like they're gold] [PDF 4.6MB]

And a shorter summary of the report has been translated into several languages here:

[English] [PDF 1.7MB]
[Māori] [PDF 1.7MB]
[Chinese] [PDF 1.7MB]
[Cook Island Māori] [PDF 960KB]
[Hindi] [PDF 1.1MB]
[Korean]  [PDF 820KB]
[Niuean]  [PDF 960KB]
[Samoan]  [PDF 868KB]
[Tokelauan]  [PDF 870KB]
[Tongan]  [PDF 790KB]
[New Zealand Sign Language – 5 videos] [NZSL video]
[Easy Read]
[E-Text] [ DOC 130KB]
[Plain text] [TXT 17KB]

There is also this one page fold-up wallet card of the key themes from this engagement:
[Wallet card link]

As part of our meetings we heard many stories from individuals about their personal learning pathways. Here are a few of them.
[personal learning stories link]

These comments and the evidence we already have, is bringing change to our education system. There will be further consultation on these changes later in 2019.

To subscribe to updates regarding next steps – please send us an email at nelp@education.govt.nz