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This website has been wound up and is no longer maintained. For up-to-date information and resources about the NCEA Change Programme, go to NCEA.education.govt.nz.





We're in the process of strengthening NCEA by making a series of changes to improve well-being, equity, coherence, pathways and credibility - for students and teachers alike.

The changes, which were confirmed by Cabinet in February 2020, will be the most significant reform of NCEA since the qualification was introduced in 2002.

In light of feedback from key stakeholder groups - those who undertake NCEA (learners and their parents/whānau), those who deliver NCEA (school leaders and educators), those who administer the qualification (NZQA) and those who use the completed qualification (employers, tertiary providers, iwi, etc) - we will be working to ensure we implement the NCEA changes in a way which is responsive to the diverse and evolving needs of our education system and communities, and recognises the complex nature of NCEA.

We will also provide the best resourcing, tools and guidance, minimise disruption to learning programmes as much as possible, and continue to engage with New Zealanders as we implement the changes.


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This page was last updated on 6 August 2020.