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Consultation now closed

Thank you to those who’ve given their feedback.

Insights from this consultation were incorporated into the draft Refreshed International Education Strategy 2022-2030 (the Strategy). The draft Strategy is now open for feedback.

Consultation on the Refreshed International Education Strategy 2022-2030

If you have questions, email Value.statementIE@education.govt.nz 

Feedback highlights 

We received 179 written submissions from across the education sector. We also organised seven workshop sessions.

Of these submissions:

  • 44% agreed with the value statement but had comments on parts of the document
  • 17% agreed with the entire document
  • 24% disagreed with the content but agreed with its intent
  • 15% disagreed with the document completely.

Some respondents indicated that the policy statement is too broad, and it is unclear what kind of impact this policy statement will have on current policy settings.

Many recommended making it clearer which changes will be made to achieve the definition of high-value. Others indicated that the policy statement should focus more on what high-value is for international students, education providers and agents.

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Consultation on the draft policy statement: high-value international education took place from 21 July 2021 to 24 September 2021.

This was signalled in the Minister’s speech at the International Education Forum in July 2021, alongside the review of the policy settings for the enrolment of international fee-paying students under Year 9.

The purpose of the consultation was to establish:

  • what ‘high-value’ means for ākonga/students and the international education sector
  • the key markets the Government will focus on to achieve a ‘high-value’ shift.

This statement will be used to inform work programmes that aim to achieve the three overarching goals of the International Education Strategy – excellent education and ākonga/student experience, sustainable and resilient sector, and developing global citizens.

This draft policy statement: high-value for international education has been developed by the Ministry of Education in consultation with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Education New Zealand, the Tertiary Education Commission and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

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