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We propose to remove the current provisions on compulsory student services fees (CSSF) from the Act and instead regulate CSSFs through conditions on funding under section 419 of the Act. This is the same way that all other provider-based fees are regulated.

CSSFs are fees, separate to tuition fees, that tertiary education providers can charge to their students to support a range of services, such as health services and sports and recreation services.

This proposal would give the Government greater flexibility to make changes to the requirements on tertiary education providers that charge a CSSF, to support system changes or to respond to feedback from the tertiary sector. For example, it would enable the Government to consider specific CSSF requirements for different types of learners, such as learners in work-based settings.

This proposal only relates to changing the mechanism for regulating CSSFs. Changes to policies for CSSFs, like how much providers can charge, are not being considered at this time. The proposal would mean that any future changes to the requirements on CSSFs would still be subject to consultation for a minimum of 21 days and a stand-down period before changes could take effect.

Click the link below to download the full discussion document.

Proposed changes to how compulsory student services fees are regulated

This consultation has closed.