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21 September 2020


Feedback process on draft NCEA Level 1 standards extended

The Ministry of Education has extended the feedback process on draft Achievement Standards and supporting resources for three of the four NCEA Level 1 Pilot subjects - EnglishReligious Studies and Visual Arts – to 4 October 2020, in response to a request from the sector.

Draft standards for four NCEA Level 1 Pilot subjects – English, Science, Religious Studies and Visual Arts - are being developed through a Trial & Pilots initiative, in preparation for the work in rebuilding NCEA standards and resources across all subjects. The current public feedback process does not include NCEA Level 1 Science products, which will now be released for feedback at a later point.

Mini-pilot 2021

The deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest to take part in a mini-pilot in 2021 has also been extended to 4 October 2020.

The draft Achievement Standards and resources for all four NCEA Level 1 Pilot subjects (including Science) will be piloted in a small number of schools in 2021. The draft Literacy and Numeracy standards will also be piloted at this time.


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