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Update on the NCEA Change Package

Since the Minister’s announcement of the NCEA change package in May 2019, we have been working with New Zealanders to understand what would be required to successfully implement the changes, and how we should design the detail of the changes so that they work in practice.

Between May and September 2019, we received 12,000 pieces of feedback from over 100 engagements. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on the changes, and helped us to better understand how these changes would impact their community. Your time and input has given us a much clearer understanding of what support is needed to make the changes a success for all New Zealanders.

No changes to NCEA will be implemented in 2020. The final NCEA change package, and details of how we will support New Zealand as the changes are implemented will be agreed by Cabinet by the end of February 2020. Final details and timings for the implementation of the changes are subject to Budget 2020 decisions. Following these decisions, a detailed implementation plan will be released.


It's great to hear the lively debating happening around the country about the NCEA Change Package. We’ve heard some discussions that could benefit from extra clarity or information.

These questions and answers will help to address some misconceptions.

Overview of the changes

Read the NCEA Change Package Overview 2019 for more detail about the changes, the journey we took with New Zealand to get to them, and what an NCEA programme could look like.

cover image of overview document

Literacy and Numeracy Subject Expert Groups 

This year we will be developing new literacy and numeracy Unit Standards as part of the NCEA Review. The new standards and associated materials will be developed by Subject Expert Groups (SEGs) who will identify the significant learning within literacy and numeracy and lead the development of standards and supporting materials.

We are calling for Expressions of Interest to join a literacy SEG and numeracy SEG for English-medium.

Apply to be on a literacy or numeracy Subject Expert Group

NCEA Panels Expressions of Interest

We’re seeking applications to establish four NCEA Panels – groups who will work with the Ministry of Education on the development and delivery of the NCEA change package. We’re specifically seeking expressions of interest for the following groups:

  • Māori NCEA Panel
  • Pacific People NCEA Panel
  • Disability & Learning Support NCEA Panel
  • Pathways NCEA Panel (bringing a lens of how students progress through NCEA and develop strong pathways forward into higher education and/or employment).

Apply to be on an NCEA Panel.

Review of Achievement Standards

The Ministry of Education is also responsible for reviewing the NCEA achievement standards that assess outcomes from the National Curriculum. This review will start in 2020. Work underway includes a pilot phase and the creation of subject expert groups to work with us to review and design new achievement standards for each NCEA subject.

Advice supporting the decisions

The advice considered by the Minister when making the decisions on the NCEA Change Package has been proactively released. This includes the advice from the Ministry of Education, the Ministerial Advisory Group and the Professional Advisory Group. A small amount of information has been withheld in line with the Official Information Act.

View the advice