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This website has been wound up and is no longer maintained. For up-to-date information and resources about the NCEA Change Programme, go to NCEA.education.govt.nz.



The NCEA is New Zealand’s key school-leaving qualification, and around 150,000 students study each year towards an NCEA. 

In May 2019, following a year-long public engagement, the Government announced a package of seven changes to strengthen NCEA and help maintain the trust and confidence in New Zealand qualifications.

The planned changes will help ensure young New Zealanders and international students studying towards an NCEA qualification have the appropriate skills and knowledge if they seek further education or employment, either in New Zealand or overseas.

The changes will also contribute to delivering the Government’s vision for an education system that gives learners a solid foundation to be successful in life and in a global economy.

The Ministry of Education is partnering with key stakeholders – students, parents and the education sector – to work on the details of the NCEA changes and ensure these are coherent, inclusive, accessible and can be implemented successfully.

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