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"Yes it’s important to end racism and discrimination in education.  Racism effects performance in school/workplace."

"Give/provide time for students to transition into NZ schools based on curriculum level rather than age.  E.g. students from Solomon Islands in Form 1 (Year 7) moved into higher levels (Year 11) based on age."

Are these important to you?

  • Agreed that the areas are important and shared experiences of racism in education. Some were concerned that teachers make assumptions that any bruises are caused by parents when that is not the case 

Is there something missing?

  • Communication with the Solomon Islands Government
  • Learning about all Pacific cultures
  • Careers advisors who are knowledgeable about pathways for Solomon Island young people and who involve parents
  • Issues with IELTS 

What would you change about the areas?

  • Provide time for students to transition into NZ schools based on curriculum level rather than age. Students from Solomon Islands don’t start school until 10 years old so have trouble coping when they are put into year 11 and 12 classes in New Zealand
  • More scholarships for Pacific teachers 


  • Can we access findings about support for our children learning our cultures and languages?

Most common indicators of success (in order)

  • Pacific learners and their families feel accepted and included
  • Pacific learners see themselves reflected in their teachers and leaders
  • Pacific learners have the skills to succeed in the workforce
  • Education leaders do things to show they value Pacific cultures
  • Pacific learners can learn in their language throughout their education
  • Pacific learners and families can access support for using English, if needed
  • Pacific learners can learn about their culture and heritage
  • Pacific LGBTQIA+ learners are accepted, understood, safe and valued for who they are
  • Pacific learners with disabilities can participate and are included in the entire education system and extra-curricular activities

South Auckland Solomon Islands Fono Summary [PDF]