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"[We need a] Mandatory LGBTQIA+/MVPFAFF competency.  Marked by leaders of our community."

"I felt transphobia growing up – but I didn’t know the term. Having a policy or even definitions up in a classroom will create talk."

"Kids go to school and give up their identity to learn English to get credits."

Are these important to you?

  • All areas described as important but some need more specificity and more connection back to specific groups such as LGBTQIA+
  • Attendees acknowledge there is discrimination towards LGBTQIA+ community, highlighting that calling out discrimination includes homophobia, transphobia, misogyny etc.
  • Other issues raised: learners don’t get literacy credits for learning Samoan in school. This learning needs to be recognised. If we want to see a thriving Pasifika community then kids should be able to speak their language in schools
  • Note: LGBTQIA+ = MVPFAFF (Pacific LGBTQIA+) 

Is there something missing? What would you change about the areas?

  • Ensuring non-Pacific teachers are skilled and competent at working with diverse learners
  • Most commonly shared action: Need these skills embedded in teacher training and ongoing professional development, compulsory PD
  • There should be a test during training to ensure teacher trainees have an open mind
  • Schools aren’t aware of the special funds from LGBTQIA+ support services and support for LGBTQIA+ from schools can feel more like a tick box exercise rather than genuinely caring and helpful
  • Any resources given to schools should be backed up with accountability for whether or not they’re being used to help students
  • The impact of poor mental health on learning
  • More consultation
  • Instead of “change” the education system’s definition of success, use the term “re-establish”
  • Take an intersectional approach – gender, sexuality, body, socio-economic status, ethnicity
  • Utilise Communities of Learning networks to strengthen inclusive environments
  • Differentiate between NZ born and Island born 


  • How are educators being held accountable for racist attitudes?
  • Where are policies and frameworks that support the stance of abolishing racial discrimination?
  • Where is MoE in this conversation?
  • All other questions ask how the proposed shifts will be achieved

Most common indicators of success (in order)

  • Pacific LGBTQIA+ learners can access resources and support they need
  • There are no financial barriers to accessing education for Pacific learners and families
  • Pacific learners have the skills to succeed in the workforce
  • Pacific learners are accepted, understood, safe and valued for who they are
  • Pacific learners with disabilities can participate and are included in the entire education system and extra-curricular activities

Auckland LGBTQIA+/MVPFAFF Fono Summary [PDF]