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27 February 2020

Feedback Hubs: Putting students' views at the heart of decision-making

We have established Feedback Hubs at eight schools across New Zealand to help us design and test materials relating to the NCEA Change Package.

Feedback Hubs aim to seek feedback from students, teachers, school leaders, parents, whānau, Board of Trustees and other members of the school community. They also embody our commitment to put students’ views at the heart of decision-making and demonstrate the Ministry’s responsiveness to the sector and the community.

The schools chosen to host the Feedback Hubs are representative of the New Zealand educational system and cover a range of locations, diversity of roll, deciles and pedagogical approaches.

The feedback and input from students, teachers and parents who attend these sessions will help ensure everything we develop to support the NCEA changes will work in practice, and meet the underlying principles of the NCEA Review, such as coherence, inclusivity and accessibility.


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