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"Teachers to be culturally responsive to Pasifika children.  Teachers to like Pasifika children." Tuvalu parent

"There should be processes in place to discipline students and teachers that are racist and discriminate in schools." Tuvalu Parents

Are these important to you?

  • Strong support for all areas
  • A number of comments showing strong support for a focus on addressing racism and discrimination – concern about poor performance being attributed to ethnicity, being treated differently because of the way you look, being able to have a voice and desire for schools/universities to address racism
  • Yes, support for more Pacific teachers and more Tuvaluan teachers
  • There is support for working more closely with families. This is cited as important because it helps parents to better support their children. There is a need for more information, rather than your child has passed or failed. Desire for workshops for families
  • Targeting support is seen as important because of the growing Tuvalu population. Support should come early, at primary school before there are too many gaps.

Is there something missing?

  • School books and resources in Tuvaluan and more focus on Tuvalu history and culture
  • More Tuvaluan bilingual classes
  • Provide more opportunities for Tuvaluan teachers to develop Tuvaluan
  • Getting non-Pacific teachers to learn Pacific values and cultural background information
  • Recommendation to set up a bilingual/immersion Tuvalu school in West Auckland (where majority of Tuvaluans live) or to incorporate Tuvalu language into school curriculum and offer it where there are Tuvaluan learners and families
  • Need to change the perception of parents that it is valuable to speak the language to your children. If you speak your first language, research shows they will be stronger in both English and Tuvaluan

What would you change about the areas?

  • Making sure there is training for teachers to remind them of their role
  • Including ‘Tuvalu’ in ethnic groups so we don’t have to circle ‘other’
  • A number of comments about improving opportunities to teach and learn the Tuvaluan language
  • Need to look at how to reduce discrimination – through laws, teaching children skills to deal with it


  • Where can we find support on learning Tuvalu as the newer generation has lost their mother tongue? How can Tuvaluan vernacular be encouraged in schools?
  • Is there a law regulating racism and discrimination in schools? If there is one, can it be enforced?
  • Is it possible to use these 5 points in families?

Most common indicators of success (in order)

  • Pacific learners can learn about their culture and heritage
  • Pacific learners can learn in their language throughout education
  • Pacific learners and their families feel that their subject choices create good opportunities for their future
  • Pacific learners see themselves reflected in their teachers
  • Pacific learners’ faith, beliefs and cultures are valued in education
  • Pacific learners have the skills to succeed in the workforce
  • Education leaders do things to show they value Pacific cultures
  • Pacific LGBTQIA+ learners can access resources and support they need
  • Diagnosis and interventions work for Pacific learners with disabilities and additional learning needs

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