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This website has been wound up and is no longer maintained. For up-to-date information and resources about the NCEA Change Programme, go to NCEA.education.govt.nz or to Te Reo Matatini me te Pāngarau | Literacy and Numeracy page on the NCEA Education website.


As part of the NCEA Change Package, new Unit Standards are being developed to assess foundational literacy and numeracy. Draft standards have just been released for public feedback. This is to ensure that young people have the foundational skills they need to engage across the curriculum, in work, and in life.

The package of Literacy & Numeracy standards will be worth 20 credits in total and be externally assessed. Learners will be required to meet the standards to attain NCEA at any level from 2023. They will assess foundational literacy and numeracy. This is at approximately Level 4/5 of the Curriculum where students have control over Level 4 and are ready to work at Level 5. 

Expert Writing Groups and Expert Feedback Groups have been established to develop the standards and supporting resources for the new NCEA literacy and numeracy requirements in English-medium and Māori-medium contexts.

Schools can start preparing for the change now by considering how to support learners’ progress towards Curriculum Level 4/5 literacy and numeracy. Initial teaching, learning and assessment guidance for the Literacy & Numeracy standards will be developed in 2021, with a pilot of the draft standards in selected settings planned later that year.

Resources to support the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy will continue to be developed to ensure schools and teachers are ready for the mandatory introduction of the new standards in 2023.


This page was last updated on 18 November 2020