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"Reading together has been fully embraced and extremely valued in the community.  This programme needs to be built on - can the ministries next PEP focus on the home/family." Samoan parent

"To encourage Pacific students to go down path of teaching, what tools will be used to promote - current reality is that teaching is not an attractive career.  Parents feel there isn't enough information.  If there is info, it's not reaching parents." Samoan adult

Are these important to you?

  • Strong support for all areas but particularly for a focus on racism and discrimination and on supporting languages.
  • Attendees felt disappointed that young people still experience racism in schools. 

Is there something missing? What would you change about the areas?

  • Creating an advisory group to represent Pacific students and parents
  • Specific focus on literacy and numeracy
  • Cultural model to drive our own curriculum design
  • For the PEP to be successful you need to focus on ECE and particularly on bilingual in ECE
  • Make successful programmes run for longer (Reading Together, PowerUP)
  • Send Ministers (church) letters to tell them to get more culturally involved in local schools
  • Change focus area about parents to: Invite and support parents to design education plan.
  • Other suggestions include: Pacific parents on boards, more Pacific meetings in schools, longer language weeks and professional development 


  • What is currently happening in schools to address racism?
  • How can the PEP combat racism when it is an issue in homes?
  • Are MoE going to push for more Pacific liaison people?
  • Is there a Pasifika advisory to deal with Pasifika issues in schools?
  • Why is MoE not promoting programmes such as PowerUP effectively? Bring them into ECEs?

Most common indicators of success (in order)

  • Pacific families feel confident supporting their children in education
  • Pacific learners’ faith and beliefs and cultures are valued in education
  • Pacific learners and families are free from racism and discrimination in education
  • Non Pacific educators can teach Pacific learners in a way that values their culture
  • Pacific LGBTQIA+ learners are accepted, understood, safe and valued for who they are

Christchurch Samoa Fono Summary [PDF]