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Te reo Māori version: Te Tohu NCEA - Ngā Mātāpono hou me te Tauākī ā-Hua o te Kaupae 1 o te NCEA e tāpaehia nei

Help strengthen NCEA

Since early 2020 we’ve worked to strengthen the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. To confirm changes to be introduced in 2024 for NCEA Level 1, an updated version of the new qualification needs to be listed in the New Zealand Qualifications and Credentials Framework.

Back in 2018, thousands of people across Aotearoa took part in the NCEA Review. This feedback helped determine the seven changes areas needed to strengthen NCEA.

In June to August 2023 we looked for feedback to help shape the formal NCEA Level 1 qualification document.

What’s in the new version of the NCEA Level 1 qualification?

We want teachers, learners, and others connected to NCEA to see themselves reflected in the qualification. The new qualification document includes new mātāpono (principles) to underpin all three levels of the strengthened NCEA. It also details how the qualification can be used and its relevance, as well as the skills, knowledge, and attributes of learners who attain NCEA Level 1.

The proposed new version of the NCEA Level 1 qualification contains:

  • a new outcome statement – the strategic purpose, graduate profile, and pathways statement
  • a new 20-credit co-requisite to meet te reo matatini, pāngarau, literacy, and numeracy requirements
  • change to become a 60-credit qualification with the 20-credit co-requisite
  • new Level 1 achievement standards to be listed in the Directory of Assessment and Skills Standards.

What about Levels 2 and 3?

We will engage on qualification documents for Level 2 and 3 before new achievement standards are implemented in 2026 and 2027.


We asked for feedback on the draft mātāpono for NCEA qualifications and draft Level 1 qualification between Monday 19 June and Thursday 2 August 2023.

NZQA approves and adds qualifications to the New Zealand Qualifications and Credentials Framework. We need to submit the new Level 1 qualification to NZQA in September 2023, so it can be listed on the NZQCF in December, ready for use in 2024.  

Share your views with us

From mid-June, our teams gathered feedback from learners, teachers, school leaders, school communities, and other interest groups via a series of face-to-face meetings. 

Online survey

Any questions

If you have any questions about the Level 1 qualification, the draft mātāpono, or this engagement, please email NCEA.Review@education.govt.nz.

Key documents

Proposed NCEA Level 1 Qualification Statements and Ngā Mātāpono (English) [PDF, 2.1MB]

More information

Fact Sheet - NCEA Level 1 Qualification (English) [PDF, 2.1MB]

Understanding how NCEA requirements are changing - ncea.education.govt.nz

NCEA co-requisite - ncea.education.govt.nz

Directory of Assessment and Skill Standards - nzqa.govt.nz