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Big Opportunity 3 - Ensuring NCEA Levels 2 and 3 support good connections beyond schooling

I’m really, really keen on the idea of boatbuilding, and my grandad’s actually got an old wooden cruiser down at the boat club. He hasn’t taken it out for years, though. It needs a total refit, made seaworthy, modern fittings… He says I can work with him, see how I like it, and if I’m any good. It’s a big project, but it would fit really nicely with my Level 2 Technology. There’ll be quite a bit of Maths involved. I might even get to see how calculus works in the real world. My grandad’s partner’s an engineer, maybe she can help me with that. I can see it now, Rawiri Pehi, Boat builder for Team New Zealand.

What if  we help learners at Levels 2 and 3 get ready for work, or more study, before they finish NCEA?

What if these learners could achieve 20 credits through projects that connect their NCEA work to the employment pathways they may follow after school?     

What other ideas have you got for Big Opportunity 3?

What other ideas could improve NCEA?