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Big Opportunity 2 - Strengthening literacy and numeracy

Our Careers Adviser said that the jobs we might end up doing probably haven’t even been thought of yet. Then she made us dream our futures based on what we’re really passionate about. We came up with some pretty wild ideas for careers. It was funny, being literate and numerate were still up there on the skill list. We could see that we weren’t going to get very far if we’re not strong in reading, writing and maths, including getting into further study and training. Digital and financial literacy were also up there as must haves. It was really good to dream though, and it was good to get a clear understanding of the building blocks we need to actually get the dream.

What if we broadened our view of what being “literate” means and used Level 1 to strengthen digital, financial and other core skills?

What if 20 Level 1 credits focused on making sure learners are better prepared to tackle Levels 2 and 3, or life after school?

What other ideas have you got for Big Opportunity 2?

What other ideas could improve NCEA?