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Big Opportunity 1 - Creating space at NCEA level 1 for powerful learning

The old people in our community told us that our river used to be full of tuna! Imagine that …  awesome!  There’s none there now, though. We were looking at environmental stuff in Science, so I told everyone that. I reckon we could find out where they all went, and maybe do something to try and get them back?

Wouldn’t it be cool if, at the end of the year, we’d actually made something start to happen! Awesome!

What if we shift how NCEA Level 1 is built so that learners can undertake a big project for part of the year, and earn credits through it?

What if  we made Level 1 a 40 credit qualification, with 20 credits earned through a big project like this one, and a further 20 credits earned through  literacy and numeracy learning?

What other ideas have you got for Big Opportunity 1?

What other ideas could improve NCEA?