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Curriculum, Progress and Achievement

We want an education system where all students and ākonga have the opportunity to learn – to be successful in life, learning and work – and to contribute to society. It’s a vision that is focused on both equity and excellence.

The Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) believe to achieve this vision, we – as a nation – need to create a system that learns. A system that makes sure every child experiences rich opportunities to learn and progress.

Last year the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Reference Group led engagement to gather feedback on the MAG’s emerging ideas for strengthening the focus on curriculum, progress and achievement. Members of the Group led discussions with Māori educators to capture their perspective on the emerging ideas for both English and Māori Medium settings. There were discussions with Pacific educators to hear their perspective on the emerging ideas. There was also strong representation from educators and communities with a disability and learning support perspective.

Feedback from that engagement signalled broad support on the direction and vision.  There was a call for more details on what the ideas would look like in practice, clearer articulation of the shifts needed and the pathway for change, and clarity on the implications and benefits for parents, students, and teachers. The feedback also highlighted the need for greater support to build capability to design and deliver responsive local curriculum and rich opportunities to learn. 

A summary of the feedback is available on our What we’ve heard so far page.

The MAG are continuing to develop their thinking following engagement on the emerging ideas, with input from the Reference Group. At the same time, the MAG are working with the CPA Reference Group, using a co-design process, to explore in more detail issues relating to how student progress information is used within our education system. Their discussions will inform the MAG’s advice to the Minister on meeting progress information needs, including next steps.

The MAG are due to submit their advice to the Minister in late May.

Professional Learning and Development

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on a proposed change of national priorities for locally-allocated Professional Learning and Development (PLD). There were 877 responses to the surveys that closed last Friday 10 May.

The responses and comments will now be analysed and we will publish a report summarising the feedback. Watch out for the report on ‘What we’ve heard so far’.

Information on the proposed PLD priorities and the history and current status of the centrally-funded PLD service is available on the Resources page.