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English assessment package


Thank you for taking the time to review the Phase 2 English assessment package:


  • Level 1 Achievement Standards
  • Internal Assessment Activities and teacher guidance materials
  • Assessment Schedules


Before reviewing this assessment package we encourage you to revisit the Learning Matrix, Assessment Matrix and Course Outlines from Phase 1 to refresh and provide some context for the Phase 2 assessment documents.


Please spend some time with these documents before providing your feedback. We suggest that you have the questionnaire open alongside the Phase 2 documents so that you can answer the questions as you read.


You will see that some changes have been made to the materials we released in Phase 1, in response to your feedback. In particular we have introduced an internally assessed Creating Meaning Standard: “Produce a selection of fluent and coherent texts which develop, sustain, and structure ideas,” at Level 3 on the Assessment Matrix. This signals our intent to rebalance the ‘creating and making meaning’ strands at that level.


Trial and Pilots Phase 2 - English Questionnaire 


List of Phase 2 English PDF products


English AA Resource 1.1a - Example of Template for Organised Thought - Pōwhiri

English AA Resource 1.1a - How language can be used

English AA Resource 1.1a - Possible contexts

English AA Resource 1.1a - Template for Language Study

English AA Resource 1.1b - Detailed Explanation of Activity

English AA Resource 1.1c - How language can be used

English AA Resource 1.1c - Possible contexts

English AA Resource 1.1c - Template for Language Study

English AA Resource 1.2b - Template Key aspects for texts

English Achievement Standard 1.1

English Achievement Standard 1.2

English Achievement Standard 1.3

English Achievement Standard 1.4

English Assessment Activity 1.1a

English Assessment Activity 1.1b

English Assessment Activity 1.1c

English Assessment Activity 1.2a

English Assessment Activity 1.2b

English Assessment Activity 1.2c

English Assessment Schedule 1.1a - Tohutohu

English Assessment Schedule 1.1b - Code Switch

English Assessment Schedule 1.1c - Beneath the Surface 

English Assessment Schedule 1.2a - Bring it Home

English Assessment Schedule 1.2b - Past Present Future

English Assessment Schedule 1.2c - Decisions, decisions

English Conditions of Assessment


This page was last updated on 2 September 2020.