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The National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA), like all qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, are required to be reviewed every five years.  The NCEA Review engagement across Aotearoa New Zealand in 2018 culminated in seven changes being identified to strengthen the qualification and outcome for young people.  The Cabinet agreed in-principle with the changes and the Minister announced the NCEA Change Package in May 2019. The Minister currently intends to seek Cabinet's approval early 2020 to make these in-principle decisions final.

The Review of Achievement Standards (RAS) is a key mechanism to enable the shifts and outcomes for a number of the changes from across the NCEA Review change package.

The NCEA changes and RAS are a chance to re-think how students experience senior secondary education. They build on the extensive engagement and co-design we did with New Zealanders interested in NCEA during 2018.

We have been designing the Review of Achievement Standards (RAS) through a pilot stage where we have selected four subjects (Science, Visual Arts, Religious Studies and English) to run through the process ahead of the RAS. The Subject Expert Groups include a diversity of secondary teachers, Māori and Pacific people, tertiary and industry representation, and NZQA as additional members.

Two phases
This pilot has two phases:

Phase 1 (ended 1 March 2020) – included the development of a Learning Matrix, Assessment Matrix (and for Science, draft Achievement Standards and potential learning and assessment activities) and a Rationale document that explains them. Feedback on the responses can be read here:

Phase 2 (February – 24 April 2020) – user testing, incorporation of feedback and further development of these materials.

How will this feedback be used?

The information from this feedback period will be used to inform further development of the draft materials. There will be an opportunity to comment again at a second feedback phase later in the review and tested through school trials in 2021.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact ras.review@education.govt.nz