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Since the NCEA Review was opened to the public on 27 May, we have seen huge interest, with conversations about NCEA happening all across the country.

We’re really pleased with the engagement we’ve had so far, from teachers and principals, and young people in particular, who’ve made up over a quarter of survey responses.

Many people have contributed by sharing their experiences, thoughts and ideas for how we can strengthen NCEA.

Along with the six Big Opportunities there are new ideas for what a more future-focused NCEA might look like. 

Four popular themes coming from the submissions are:

NZCER Interim Report on public engagement

NZCER has been commissioned to collect, analyse, and report on public engagement data from multiple sources.

The Interim Report provides insight into who is providing feedback on NCEA and what their experiences, thoughts and ideas are for strengthening the qualification.

Download the NZCER Interim Report