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When does the Fund open?

The Fund will open on 16 September 2020.

How do you apply?

You can apply for the Support Fund online

We are interested in:

  • What your project will do, including what difference it will make for Pacific learners and families
  • How the project will meet education-related needs for Pacific learners and families
  • How many learners and families your project will support
  • How much funding you are seeking

Who is able to apply for the funding?

  • The Support Fund is now open to Auckland-based Pacific community groups, Pacific church groups, Pacific providers, Pacific organisations and Pacific-led education services
  • Providers who have existing contracts with the Ministry and providers who don’t have existing contracts with the Ministry can both apply

How much funding can you apply for?

Auckland-based providers can apply for funding of up to $3.5m for 2020/21. There is no maximum amount of funding providers are able to apply for.

What is the timeframe for spending the funding?

Projects are expected to begin delivery or continue delivery in 2020. Funding provided through the Fund is to be spent by end of June 2021.

What will not be funded?

The Support Fund will not fund:

  • Activities that early learning services, schools and tertiary providers are already funded to deliver (Direct activities run by early learning services, schools and tertiary providers).
  • For-profit activities and/or any activity to raise funding for providers, for example using funding to fundraise.
  • Initiatives that don’t match the priorities of this fund.
  • Programmes and activities occurring overseas, including in the NZ realm countries.
  • Infrastructure or capital expenses
  • Overseas travel.

When is the closing date?

The closing date is 16 October.

Can I apply for more than one project?

No, you can only submit one application as the lead applicant to the Support Fund. Providers can collaborate and apply for funding in a joint process, however providers cannot apply multiple times as the lead provider/group of a project.

How will a decision be made on my application?

Eligible applications will be reviewed against these criteria:

  • How the application meets the scope of the Fund
  • The community reach of the project
  • The expected impact of the project
  • Evidence that the project is addressing an education-related need arising from or made worse by COVID-19.
  • Evidence of capacity/capability to deliver the proposed project

Who will make a decision?

Applications will be reviewed against criteria by a panel of sector and community representatives

When do I find out about the outcome of my application?

You will find out the outcome of your application in October/November 2020. You may be contacted to confirm information in your application or to find out more about incomplete information.

Do I need to do anything else if I’m successful?

Yes, there will be a reporting process so you can share how your project is going. Projects will need to be able to show what the intended changes and outcomes are and how you will know these changes and outcomes have been achieved.

What happens at the end of the contract?

The fund is a short term response to meet immediate education-related needs. It is not a long term source of funding.

The funding for the Auckland region will be reviewed by March 2021 to make sure it used effectively and to find out where there is most need going forward.

How will I know what projects have been successful in my region?

Successful application projects will be available on the Ministry’s website.

Can I apply for other funding provided by the Ministry even if I am successful in this one?

Yes, you can apply for other funding from the Ministry of Education if you are successful in this one. You can find further information about other funding available from www.education.govt.nz.

Are application forms available in Pacific languages?

For 2020 application forms and information are available in English.

More detailed information about the reason for the fund and applying for the fund is available in Pacific languages.

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