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Mālō e lelei, Talofa lava, Kia orana, Mālō ni, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Fakatalofa atu, Noaˈia, Mḁuri, Tēnā koutou katoa and warm Pacific greetings from Wellington.

This screen cast is to help you to apply for the Pacific Education Support Fund. If you haven't already done so, please familiarise yourself with the requirements for funding and print them out.

We will explain the basic elements of the application process plainly in this screen cast. Before you start an online application, check the website to make sure you have access to all the resources we provide for your applications.

Step one asks for contact details which is the basic information we require to process your application and get in touch with you.

Please provide us with your contact details and the legal entity information for your organisation.

A link to your website, if possible, helps us to understand the mission and vision of your organisation.

Remember, you must be registered as a legal entity to be eligible to apply for this fund. Only community groups or organisations, church groups or social sector providers are eligible to apply.

You will have a legal entity number provided by the NZ Charity Services or Companies Office and you must provide this number.

If your group is not registered as a legal entity, you may want to find another organisation that you can work with which is registered and willing to apply on your behalf.

Step two asks for the project overview the overview is about the name of the project and to identify which region you will be delivering in.

There's a link in blue that has more information about the different local offices on our website. You can participate in more than one application as a partner or associate.

The question about the amount of funding is designed to identify projects of $25,000 or below, since there is a less detailed process for these projects. If your project requires funding above $25,001 we require more information. Please note, you must specify the amount without GST.

If you select 25,001 and above, you will need to include a detailed work plan and risk assessment in your application, which is detailed and steps 3 B and 5.

Step 2a asks for budget information, this section has a focus on uploading your prepared budget document for the amount you are applying for.

We have a template if you need, which is available as download on our website. The budget should show the costs of salaries activities and operating costs for your project. This needs to be uploaded here and will be evaluated as part of your application.

As a reminder, there is a hover text that pops up and explains what we are not funding, here are some of the things we do not fund.

Overseas activities, travel costs, infrastructure costs, building costs, capital costs, capital equipment will not be funded, the Ministry of Education may allow the appropriate leasing of essential items such as laptops at its discretion.

Please consult with your community on how you plan to do the work in this project before you complete your budget and then fill in the start and end dates of your project.

Your start and finish dates should reflect your plan for undertaking the project over either a one year or two year period.

Funding will be provided in the year you plan to use it, not in advance. Please note that applicants are restricted to a start date no earlier than 1st of July 2021 so the Web form won't allow you to select any dates before this.

Step three looks at your ideas and gives you a chance to submit an alternative format, such as a presentation slideshow or video.

To tell us the story about your project storytelling as a responsive method of applying for funding that we encourage as long as it addresses the needs of Pacific learners.

When we hear a story with a beginning, middle and end about your project, we can make sense of it.

The following ideas will guide you to fill out this form: What the project is and who it is for.

How your project will support Pacific learners and their families to attend and/or engage in education.

How you have consulted Pacific Island communities in the design of your project, what you will deliver, who you will work with, including the wider education, social and health sectors if relevant.

For step 3a must indicate the submission method by clicking one of the buttons, if you select "yes" to "provide link", you will see a link to submit a video presentation opens.

If you select "yes" to "upload" a window emerges to upload content from your computer. If you select "no" a field to describe your project emerges. Please describe the projects objectives in the form of a story using a maximum of 300 words.

Please keep it short, clear and concise.

Step 3b, tell us the difference that you wish to make and describe this in detail.

We are interested in knowing what will be different for Pacific learners and their families, because of your activity.

For example, if you are holding a workshop for learners, what will be different for Pacific learners after the workshop takes place.

Please identify at least three differences or changes you expect to happen for learners.

You will be asked to report against these changes, if your project application is successful.

Below this we added a multiple choice field to identify the key themes of your project, the options that you can select are:

Language, Culture and Identity, Build the Cultural Competency of Education Providers, Wellbeing, Partner with Families,Engagement and Attendance. \

If you have other things, please specify by clicking "other".

The field below called "work plan" is designed so you can upload a supporting document for the outcomes that you have described above.

Please note this only appears when you as the applicant selects $25,001 and above.

It must include milestones and details of key dates for your implementation period.

You can remove any files uploaded in error in this section and please see the downloadable template we have provided for you to use.

Please limit the submitted document to two pages only.

Step 4 covers Community Reach. You must provide your best estimate of the learners and others in your communities who will benefit from this project: who they are, where they are and how many the section asks for an estimate of the total number of learners and families for each group.

Community and ethnicity profiles of the project, which communities your project will support.

There are categories for "Pan Pacific", "not yet known" and other Pacific heritage that you can use. Please specify the "other Pacific heritage" if applicable.

Step 5 relates to monitoring progress, we ask you to monitor progress and the insights and knowledge expected to come from your work within the community on your project.

For example: school attendance data and what Pacific families have to say about learner's needs.

Explain what information you will collect throughout the project to track your progress towards the differences or changes, you want to see, and how this information relates to your story.

In the risks field, we want to understand how you calculate those risks and how you will manage them, please note this only appears when you as the applicant select $25,001 and above.

For example, a risk would be that people contributing to the project may be over-committed and no longer have time to dedicate to your project due to unforeseen circumstances.

A risk management example, might be to have a substitute support person on standby in case someone cannot continue with the work planned for them to do.

For step 5a describe yourself, your group, organisation, or institution. We need to understand your ability to deliver the project.

We're asking you to describe your capabilities and experiences making positive changes or being a voice for Pacific communities.

Please include the names of Pacific groups, you have access to and shared expertise working with.

We would also like to know about any Pacific languages you will use to implement your project.

For step 6 provide any additional information you have.

Other funding and privacy declarations and necessary to protect you or your organisation and the Ministry of Education.

Please attach any further documents or web links to videos to support your application, if you find them relevant.

This is up to your creativity and may include consultations with community groups, meeting notes, project plans and/or cost estimates.

All documents you want to submit that tell your story, such as videos or audio must be uploaded from your computer.

If you have received other funding from the Ministry of Education, then select "yes", a window will emerge that asks you to document here.

List any other government funding, which has been approved to support this project,

including the government agency and amount of funding.

The privacy statement is a reminder of our and your privacy commitments with each other. It helps to provide a legal framework, accountability and trust to go on a journey together.

We do not need personal information about the people you're going to work with for the application, such as names or personal identification numbers.

The information we do collect is to help us check applications, make decisions about funding, report to the government on the need for an interest in the fund, monitor and report on the success of the fund and for statistical analysis.

Your information will be stored securely and only accessed by authorised personnel.

If you want to see the information we've collected from you, please contact us. If you find errors, in the information we have recorded, you can ask us to correct it.

Step 7 is the declaration section and legally binding submission.

When submitting your application read carefully what is written as this step verifies you are authorised to act on behalf of your organisation and all information is correct.

Your name and date must be submitted as an applicant, this is used as an e-signature.

The review and confirm "edit" button give you the opportunity to review your application and to check you have attached all the required forms and links.

Your application will be submitted to us once you have completed the review process. Please be aware, we receive a full copy of your application form, along with your attachments as hyperlinks.

You will also receive a copy of your application form as a PDF along with your attachments as hyperlinks.

It will be sent to the email address you provided above.

Please note, if you click on the reset button on the right, this will delete all fields you have filled in and any files you have uploaded.

We cannot recover this, so please check before clicking the "clear" button otherwise select the "go back" button to continue your application.

We are excited and hopeful to receive your ideas and projects.

Check our website for further details, and please contact us for support.

Within the next month, a regional or national selection panel (these could consist of sector community and ministry representatives), will look at your application to decide if it is successful.

It is time to make a shift for our Pacific learners. "Soifua ma ia manuia".