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The Ministry of Education has set up two funds to support Pacific learners to achieve education success and strengthen their wellbeing during COVID-19.

Round 3 funding will be distributed from July 2022

The Pacific Education Innovation Fund and the Pacific Education Support Fund are part of the $80.2m investment in Pacific Education through the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund announced in Budget 2020, as one of the supports for implementing the Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020-2030.

The funds align with the wider Government focus on wellbeing and engagement, that includes establishing Curriculum Lead roles, support for Pacific learner’s mental wellbeing and support for educators’ wellbeing.

Pacific providers across Aotearoa were invited to apply for the Pacific Education Innovation Fund or the Pacific Education Support Fund during the 2020 and 2021 funding rounds. Some of the successful providers in Round 2 continue to deliver programmes and services that support Pacific Learners’ and their family’s wellbeing and educational-related needs across Aotearoa.

Round 3 Funding update

Due to the ongoing needs of Pacific learners and their families being met through current services and programmes funded in previous rounds, for Round 3, the two funds will be distributed to existing providers to support them to continue or expand their service provision or to deliver new services where there is a gap in the provisions of services.

Pacific Education Support Fund

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Pacific Education Innovation Fund

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