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The Ministry of Education has set up two funds to support Pacific learners’ education success and wellbeing during COVID-19.

Round 2 (2021) of funding has now CLOSED - Round 3 will launch in early 2022

The Pacific Education Innovation Fund and the Pacific Education Support Fund are part of the $80.2m investment in Pacific Education through the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund announced in the Action Plan for Pacific Education 2020-2030.

They align with the wider Government focus on wellbeing and attendance, including delivering new Curriculum Lead roles, the Urgent Response Fund, support for learner mental health, support for educators’ wellbeing, and access to guidance counselling and counselling services.

If you are connecting Pacific learners to education or have innovative ideas to support Pacific learners and their families, you can apply for the Pacific Education Support Fund or the Pacific Education Innovation Fund in 2021.

If you were unsuccessful in applying for funds in 2020, you should be receiving feedback to help strengthen your application for this round of funding. If you have not, please contact your regional office.

Summary of Round 2 Pacific Education Support and Pacific Education Innovation Funds



Funding will be allocated to five regions (Auckland, Waikato, Hawke’s Bay – Tairāwhiti, Wellington, and Canterbury and Chatham Islands)

Funding is available for community providers, groups, and organisations to help learners and their families to meet education-related, and wellbeing needs arising from and/or exacerbated by COVID-19. This could include:

  • Growing relationships between Pacific families and places of learning by making connections and supporting families and learners to reconnect
  • joining up Pacific learners and families with the right services that provide support for education-related needs, for example with on-site learning and accessing ongoing education and training pathways
  • supporting learners to return to tertiary, school or early learning, and finding the right education and training pathways
  • supporting attendance and engagement for Pacific learners.

In 2021, educators, places of learning, community groups, providers, researchers, and academics from anywhere in Aotearoa can apply to respond to local wellbeing and curriculum needs of Pacific learners and families arising from and/or exacerbated by COVID-19 in innovative ways from two funding streams:

  • Innovative practices in Pacific bilingual and immersion education provision in early learning services and schools
  • general innovative practices to meet wellbeing and curriculum needs relating to Pacific education.

Innovation means: creative, new or different ways to meet the education needs of your communities.

More information on the Support Fund

More information on the Innovation Fund


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